The following is a list of the major features of the software system together with services available to ensure friendly, helpful setup of your new website. As each site is custom designed to your specification this is not a definitive list.


  • Unique Website Design - Every site is individually designed to your specification, ensuring no two web sites look the same and providing a unique identity for your golf club. Websites are now provided with a responsive design which optimises the view for smartphone devices.
  • Hosting Service - We provide hosting of your finished website. This can include email services, consisting of multiple email boxes and webmail access.
  • Ongoing Help Support - Any questions, we are just a phone call, email or Skype message away. We have an excellent reputation for rapid response to questions and queries with dedication to giving you the best service available.

Golf Club Content Management System

  • Website  Administration: This is a key feature of the system. The system has website administration capability to allow multiple administrators to easily  add/modify/delete/unpublish/publish pages as required at no extra cost to the club. This also has a great advantage of being able to distribute the work of  keeping the site current. This is conducted from a web browser and as such can be performed from most PCs with a broadband internet  connection, both at home or at the club, as no additional software is installed  to the PC.
    This site management can be  assigned to multiple administrators who are responsible for certain sections of  the site. There are also security roles so individual or groups of  administrators can be restricted in which pages they can edit. The management system is highly flexible, and does not require technical/programming skills. For example  administration could be distributed to the  secretary, captain/vice-captain of the various sections, competitions committee and the head greenkeeper.
  • Events Diary - A live diary system that is simple to update with the provision of categories,  groupings and private notes. Sub sets of diary entries are then automatically summarised on select pages of the website with no further administration work required. There is a calendar (iCal ICS) subscription service so members can subscribe to the club diary from their mobile device to keep up-to-date with club events at all times. The diary also has an option of an external diary monitor to display the current diary on a monitor screen in the clubhouse.
  • Galleries - Uploaded images are automatically resized, thumbnails created and placed into a gallery system for you to add descriptions.
  • Comprehensive Page Editing - WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) page editing.
  • Members Area - Password restricted area for members only documents and information.
  • Website Searching - Search within the website for particular items of interest.
  • Custom Forms - Forms containing validation can be set up as contact or booking forms with results emailed to specified addresses.
  • News Items - Enter news into an automatic chronological list of what is going on at the golf club to keep your members and visitors up to date with the latest club news.
  • RSS Feeds - News items or other pages of interest can be turned into RSS feeds that can be read directly from custom web portals, interactive desktop sidebar tools and some email systems.
  • eNewsletter - A double opt-in/opt-out newsletter facility providing another way to communicate with website visitors.
  • External Links - Maintain external links to golf related sites or other websites of interest.
  • Image Upload - Upload images for adding to any web page, news items or creating event posters.
  • Document Upload - Upload text, PDF or Word Documents if required.
  • Webcam - Incorporate a webcam image (requires additional hardware).
  • Friendly URLs - Pages use meaningful  names to help your search engine ranking.
  • Website Statistics - Comprehensive information on page hits and key words is available for your analysis.
  • and much more!...