About Golf Club CMS

CMS - A Content Management System is a software system designed to provide the customer with tools to update and maintain their own website. For a golf club, this helps to provide  up-to-date information and news  to members and visitors to the golf club website without requiring continual consultation with a website designer.

A framework is put in place into which either the secretary and/or other specified members of the golf club can update sections of the site.

A content management system is also able to provide dynamic content based on the information you enter. For example, entries you add to the diary can be summarised on the home page. Or recent page edits can be listed so website visitors can see which pages have just been updated.

Some key advantages of a Golf Club CMS system over a static website are:

  • No software installation on your PC.
  • Website modification possible from any  internet-connected PC with a recent web browser installed, at home or at the  golf club.
  • Site management can be allocated to multiple club members to reduce the overhead on the club secretary.
  • Security groups can be implimented so  site administrators only have access to update specified pages on the site.
  • Data are automatically backed up for you.
  • Additional functionality and modules can be added at a later date.
  • Non-technical users can update the website.
  • Instant corrections and updates to pages will keep your site current.
  • Have full control over your website content, but have the option to easily extend the control of content updates to multiple people or groups of people. This reduces reliance on one member of the golf club staff.
  • Responsive design optimises website view for smartphone devices.
  • Easily manage the structure of your site, relocate pages, unpublish or publish content.
  • Long-term cost savings due to self management of content.
  • Our first class email and phone support.